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Age Structure Range

The age structure range graph is a re-formatted population pyramid and is displayed as a bar graph (yellow). Age cohorts are on the bottom axis while the % population for each cohort is on the left axis.

The lines on the graph represent 3 separate demographic scenarios. The "red line" represents high population growth with high birth and death rates common in many developing countries. The "median" (light blue) growth line represents a growth scenario with high birth rates and increasing longevity while the "low growth" (dark blue) line represents decreasing birth rates and increasing longevity and is a characteristic of many industrialized countries. Generally, populations exhibiting low growth scenarios will eventually have issues with aging populations and maintaining existing labour forces. Ideally, a demographic structure that is somewhere between the low and median growth lines represent a sustainable population. If a demographic structure falls below the slow growth line that population is in decline and immigration may be the only means to sustain that population at its current level.

Score: Low Growth